Why Self-Image is The Key to Success in Business

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According to Wikipedia, “A person’s self-image is the mental picture. This is generally of a kind that is quite resistant to change. It depicts details that are potentially available to objective investigation by others. A simple definition is answering the question: “What do you believe people think about you?”


The hopes we have for ourselves are determined by our self-image. Your own opinion impacts the hopes you have for yourself and therefore your probability to succeed.

The key to success in business depends on creating a strong self-image. The secret to develop high self-esteem begins with you performing some daily routines. When such routines become a habit, you’ll notice how your life will begin to change.


Here are some secrets to improve your self-image:


1) Be optimistic and stay to your goals

Many people have dealt with failure in their lifetime. It is inevitable to not fail however, when it happens, gain experience and try again.

2) Step out of your comfort zone.

A proven way to build a positive self-image is to demonstrate to yourself that you can succeed. This will motivate you to test yourself further.


3) Make a list of past accomplishments.

Regardless of how big or small the achievements are, create a list. By creating said list, this will help you see yourself as someone with the capacity to succeed.

In order to achieve the success you desire, both in business and in life, it is essential that you remove the limitations you have placed on yourself. And it all starts with a strong self-image.

Increase in self-esteem gives us the force we need to take control of our lives and learn from our failures without fearing rejection.

Our own inner voice is our self-critic. Self-criticism can work with you or against you. It can lower your confidence or it can give you the confidence to succeed.

Constant negative attitudes are usually a consequence of past experiences. The most common are: low self-esteem, stress, fear, resentment, and anger. It takes time to determine the origins of these attitudes; however it will help your self-image.

Martin Zwilling stated in his articles about self-esteem by saying:

“In my years of mentoring people, a problem I have seen too often is low self-esteem, and over-compensating through arrogance and ego. These people find it difficult to respect clients or group members, and their ventures tend to fail.”

Martin Zwilling also states:

“For every person, a healthy self-esteem, leading to self-confidence, is critical to your success. Every startup is entering uncharted territory, and must take risks to seize a new opportunity. Not all people have a background to start from a position of strength in this area, but all have the ability to learn and the passion to succeed.”

“Focus on what you can control, not what you can’t. Our short-term destiny is not always in our control. What we can do is make a commitment to do our best in whatever environment we find ourselves. We can also make sure to build strong relationships with successful business leaders”


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