Why is press release distribution such a big deal? Here are the reasons why!

Press release is an important part of the content relating to public relations and it is certainly something that should not be something to forget since it can either make or break your growing company’s life span. Here are just some of many reasons to use press release distribution.

It increases trust a whole lot!


What would you trust more? Some brand that it is well known and established in the market or a new up and coming brand? I think the answer is pretty easy. We will always trust the one that has been known for the longest time and one way to achieve that is through press release distribution. I mean just think about it for a minute, if your targeted audience keeps hearing about your company, it will be a known thing for them and therefore they will trust your brand and what you represent. So make sure everything about your brand is newsworthy and relevant because it will definitely have a big impact when it comes to trust.

It makes your audience bigger and bigger by the minute

It is pretty easy to enlarge your audience through for example, written press releases. But you need to be smart. You need to make sure you make quality written press releases or else you are just wasting your time. Take your audience’s needs into consideration, make sure you use interesting titles and short paragraphs and try using templates when you find out what works best for your audience.

It increases your brand’s reputation

You might think this is like a chain of events. A bigger audience means more trust and more trust means, better chances of having a good reputation. Having a good reputation is everything for your brand and through the release of newsworthy material you can certainly achieve this.

You place yourself at the top of search tools

If you release good press, then this means you will be at the top of search engines like google. How does this favor you exactly? Well once you are indexed by some of the best search engines you are permanently stored in their database. This means you will always appear at the top of their search engine but this can only be achieved by releasing great and newsworthy press releases.

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