How To Use Your Phone’s Camera In Your Daily Life

Your New Haircut

After cutting your hair, take a picture of it from all the angles so that the next time you want to cut it in the same way, your stylist will know exactly what you want. I’ve done this a lot and it’s worked like a charm!


Take A Picture Of Your Kids Before Going To A Crowded Place

In this way, if they get lost (which hopefully they won’t), you’ll be able to show people who exactly are you looking for without the need of describing your kid.


Temporary Glasses

lost your glasses and can’t see anything? Use your phone’s camera to see a lot more clear while searching for your glasses or anything else you’re looking for.


Take A Picture Of What’s Inside Of Your Boxes When Moving

This way you’ll now exactly what’s in each box and you won’t have to bother into diving in each of them in order to find something.


Always Have Your Prescription Numbers Handy

Some pharmacies will even scan a picture of the barcode if you have a clear enough image. I thought this was a very cool way of using the phone’s camera! I’ve heard only a few people do this and it’s worked well for them. How about giving it a shot yourself?


Secretly Figure Out Someone’s Ring Size

This trick is by no means foolproof (nothing beats actually asking, measuring, or having a friend do so) but if you can finagle a picture of your boo holding something standard-sized, like a credit card with the magnetic strip outwards, you can estimate the circumference of their finger to scale. (Source:


Capture The Contents Inside Your Fridge Before Going Grocery Shopping

It’ll remind you what you’re missing and what you already have too many of. This had helped me a lot as I tend to be very forgetful on what I have inside my fridge. I even end up buying things that I already had because I thought I didn’t have them before.

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