Top Ways to Add Variety to Your Twitter Marketing

Run a Twitter Poll

Research is the backbone of any good business decision, so why not ask your Twitter community for their opinion with a Twitter poll?

You can run a Twitter poll from a personal or business account for up to seven days. Once it’s live, you can see the results in real time for instant insights. The people who vote in your poll will receive a push notification alerting them to the final results. Consider your poll question carefully to attract the interest of and engagement with relevant followers.


Tag Influencers You Mention in Content

If you’re producing premium content as part of your social media marketing, consider tagging people or other brands mentioned in that content on Twitter. It’s a great way to increase reach through retweets, mentions, quote tweets, and DMs.


Curate Twitter Moments

Twitter Moments let you curate highlights from an event, conversation, trending news story, or hashtag. You can then embed your moments in blog posts for a richer reader experience. Twitter describes moments as “The best of Twitter in an instant.” For example, you could create moments after attending events where you’ve spoken.


Post Native Video

Twitter has extended its native video duration to 140 seconds, giving you more time to engage followers. For your business, consider a daily or weekly video feature with a tip of the day or a company/product update that people expect. Or record short videos while attending an event.


Go Live With Periscope

Native live video on Twitter with Periscope is a great option for live events. If you’re hosting an event, live-stream your event via Periscope and embed it into your website for greater reach and accessibility. Promote your event hashtag at least three weeks in advance of the event so non-attendees can join the conversation and become event advocates and marketers.

The global Digital Citizenship Summit at Twitter headquarters streamed the full one-day conference on Periscope. This resulted in the event trending on Twitter in the San Francisco area.

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