Top Twitter To Do’s for Nonprofits

Fill out the Bio section completely

That means uploading an avatar image – a square image that is not a cut off version of your horizontal logo. When your tweets show up in your followers’ Twitter feed, they will recognize you first by your avatar/profile photo. So pick a good one.


Research hashtags

Go to to find out what hashtags and topics are trending in your industry or in topics relating to your cause. You may think that #endfur is a great hashtag, but if everyone is using #stopfur, then you will missing a chance for exposure.


Experiment with Promoted Tweets

Nonprofits are extremely averse to paying for anything, let alone things that are “supposed” to be free, like social media. While I understand this tendency, statistics are showing that Promoted Tweets are outperforming regular tweets.


Acknowledge your Twitter followers

For goodness sake, thank people who follow you, retweet you and share your information. Reply to them and tell them that they are awesome. Post a smiley face or a brief thank you video from Vine.


Use Twitter Advanced Search

You can use Advanced Search to better target followers in your locality or region. This is helpful when looking for influential local people to follow, when researching potential strategic partnerships or prospecting local businesses for sponsorships.


Try a contest!

Everyone loves a contest, and contests are proven to increase engagement and interaction. Examples of great Twitter contests are in these articles from Maximize Social Business and Jeff Bullas.


Use Twitter’s visual real estate

You have three places to upload great photos – your Bio image, the Header and the Background. While text in the Background image can’t be hyperlinked, it remains a great place to tell your nonprofit story and feature the people that you impact every day.

You can use PowerPoint, Adobe PhotoShop, PicMonkey, Canva to create your own images, or hire a graphic designer to do it for you.

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