Top Best Tech Tools To Create Online Course Content


Video is the new black! It’s the most engaging method you can use. By video, I mean you talking to the camera and teaching your students. Video’s are readily consumed and enjoyed by most people and also helps to creates trust.



An easier alternative to video is a slideshow presentation with narration. Some folk include a few minutes of introductory video within their slideshow which is a good way to still create a connection with your audience and let them see the real you.



Screen recordings are great for tutorials and software training. You can record your face and the screen as you guide your students through lessons. Or use it to record video or audio.

All you need is a screen capturing software program, your webcam and a microphone. I’d recommend investing in an omnidirectional USB microphone rather than relying on your laptop or pc microphone so you’re guaranteed good audio.

If you own a Mac, then Quicktime is perfect for beginners. It’s pretty easy to use and lets you record your computer screen, shoot video’s and record audio. You can import your QuickTime file into iMovie and edit it to your heart’s content. With Quicktime you can also record your face and screen at the same time.



Audio can be recorded easily on both Windows and Mac PC’s. Windows users can use the Screen Recorder program while Mac users are blessed with Quicktime. The key to good audio relies on your microphone so the program isn’t as important as the sound quality.

Another super powerful and free online audio recording tool is Audacity. It looks scary but it’s a professional audio editing program which you’ll need to download to your PC. However, if you’re a beginner and tech is not your thing, skip Audacity for now.



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