The Most Genius Inventions You Should Buy Now

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The coolest inventions that will blow your mind due to how awesome they are in just one simple article! You’ll want to buy all of them by the time this article ends. Now enough talking and let’s get down to business.

The PowerGrid from Tego, $49

This awesome invention is definitely awesome for travelers. Can’t find a place where you need to charge your phone? Don’t worry the PowerGrid from Tego is only at 49$ each and it charges up to two devices at once. This awesome invention has saved my life countless times and I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Automatic, The iPhone-Connected Car Tracking Device, $99.95

I know the price on this invention may be scary, however it’s definitely an investment rather than an expense.

This awesome tool lets you know certain things such as how often you hit the brakes way too harshly and how much you actually spend on gas. It helps consumers save gas, drive safer and it helps drivers understand the “check engine” notice. Also, you won’t have to play the guessing game to know where you parked your car, this device lets you know where exactly did you park it. This device also calls for help and informs anyone close to you in case of a car crash.

IPad Wireless Flash Drive, $119.95 says: “It holds an 8GB SD card (holds up to 32GB) and transmits data to your iPad wirelessly and seamlessly up to 150 feet away. So there’s absolutely no need of cables or computers in order to transmit any kind of data to your iPad”.

Mophie’s Back-Up Charger Keychain, $26

This is also definitely a life-saving device. It may not charge more than one device at a time but it’s still very useful for any kind of emergency where you need to quickly charge your device. And the best part about this is that it’s also a keychain!

Wireless Bluetooth Shower Speaker, $40

I like jamming to my favorite song while I’m in the shower and if you’re also like me then you’ll definitely love this device. With just $40 you’ll probably never want to leave your shower ever again.

Laptop Organizer, $39

I’m a very organized person, I love having everything I need in one simple place. This laptop organizer doesn’t only allow me to carry my laptop wherever I want but it also allows me to carry any other item I may need. The organizer contains several pockets to save your items like a little notepad, pencils, eraser or just anything you want.

IPad Pocket Projector, $250

Many big, medium, or small companies are already using technology for almost anything including presentations. So, how about this highly useful iPad projector? It’s so small you can carry it anywhere you go without it taking up so much space like most projectors do.

Surge Protector + USB adapter in One, $9.95

Keeping all my devices protected is something that I desperately needed thanks to the constant blackouts from my area. The fact that it also contains a USB port has enabled me to charge my phone and many other devices.

Infrared Remote Accessory Turns Your iPhone into a Universal Remote, $48

“Honey where’s the remote?” now that’s something you’ll no longer say thanks to this invention. You won’t need to spend ridiculous amounts of money on batteries as this tool uses infrared to enable your device to work as a universal remote.

The U-Board Monitor Stand, $45

The perfect present for someone who works from home. I definitely found the usefulness on this tool. It reduces the amount of space being used too.

TaskOne iPhone Multi Tool Case, $99.95

Everything you need in one simple and beautifully elegant iPhone case.

The Window Solar Charger, 50 €

If you prefer going ecofriendly with energy then you will definitely want to invest on this gadget. All you need is the beautiful light coming from the sun and your phone will be charged in just a few minutes.

Dual USB Car Charger, $25

On the road and no battery? No worries. The dual USB car charger not only does it quickly charge your device, but it can also charge up to two devices at a time.


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