The 5 easy ways to lower your business expenses

By October 8, 2018 Business No Comments

It has turned into a real difficult thing to do for small and medium-sized companies to control their costs.

We’ve taken the time to enlist a few ways to get a break in your business finances.

Just follow these steps below and learn to take care of your budget:

1. Share the office

If you need little space for your small business you can re-build an already occupied office.

You can also choose to do part of your work from home and use a coworking only when you need it. A good option is to rent a virtual office, which will give a more professional image of your business.

2. Buy used furniture

If you’re thinking about renting an office or you want to renew your old one, you can buy second hand furniture, where you can save up to 50% in the prices of the same ones that are in the market.

Another alternative is that, instead of buying them, you lease them for a while until you have the capital to acquire your own.

3. Work from home

Teleworking is an attractive option when you do not have many resources.

Companies of all sizes have chosen not to have offices and only use shared spaces when the occasion makes them necessary.

4. Part-time workers

Hiring part-time or employees “on demand” not only reduces the investment of the company, but also the risk and as a consequence, it boosts the labor market.

Also, it is advisable that in some areas you hire outsourcing services.

5. Marketing

It’s very usual that marketing budgets are the first to be reduced, but this should not imply giving up completely to promote your company.

For example, you can reward the most loyal customers with discount coupons or reward those who attract new customers.

In addition, you can use low-cost tools – and even free – such as social networks and other online media.

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