How I Successfully Fixed My Phone after Getting Wet

I’m pretty sure this has happened to everyone at least once in their lifetime. This has actually happened to some of my phones and I never actually found a successful way in order to fix it. I tried popular methods such as putting the phone inside a container filled with rice and leaving it overnight. However, this method didn’t really make a difference as my phone didn’t want to turn on for some reason.

I was getting even sadder and frustrated because I have nearly my entire life in my phone. I had written down any appointment that I had to do. I had important contacts. Important emails etc. I started getting quite sad and I thought of just giving up and getting a new phone or using my old phone. This was probably a bad idea because my old phone is quite damaged in several ways (screen is cracked, volume keys don’t work, phone rings when it feels like it, etc.).

After I told my boyfriend about what happened to my phone he started telling me how he once got his really expensive watch wet once and the way he got it to work is by putting it on top of the refrigerator. You’re probably just as shocked as I am after reading that but yes, he put it on top of the fridge and it worked!

The reason why this trick works flawlessly is because of the vibration of the fridge. This will dislodge the water and it will evaporate completely. This is completely safe to do so you won’t have to worry about a single thing.

After leaving my phone on top of the fridge overnight I went towards my kitchen and while I had a very worried will-this-work-or-not type of face I slowly approached my phone. I turned it on and it worked! It actually turned on. I was so happy and excited and I still couldn’t believe that my refrigerator was the only thing that truly fixed my phone! Now you know what to do if your phone gets wet.

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