Productivity and Business Tools Every Entrepreneur Should Use

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Project Management


There are many project management apps out there, but I love, love, love Asana. It’s easy to use, and the free version offers enough capability to work with a team and plan out your entire year, project-by-project.
To keep things moving along in your business, you need deadlines. Asana lets you plan tasks and then assign them to people with deadlines. Assignees receive email reminders and there’s also a messaging and document attachment function in the app so that less back-and-forth email occurs.



Automating basic tasks will save you a ton of time. It also ensures that your team isn’t missing steps. Zapier automates workflows between your apps. For example, if you do a lot of live events you can connect an app like Eventbrite to Mailchimp so that all of your attendees are automatically added to your email list. You can send an automated welcome email in Mailchimp when your attendees are still excited about your event…not a week or two later when they’ve forgotten already.


Team Communications


Email can be the worst sometimes. Slack is a great way to communicate with your team, share files, and sort team members into sub-teams for specific projects. Word of caution: Just like email, Slack can be a time-suck if you don’t use it wisely.



Meetings can be a real pain to organize and follow through on. Do is a planning, meeting management, and recording app all in one. Set clear objectives and action items that your team can’t lose in their piles of notes.


Digital Marketing


If you’re new to sales funnels and you want to engage your website visitors at the right time, ConvertKit offers a great multi-function solution. Create landing pages, opt-ins, automated email marketing sequences and learn how to build sales funnels using their proven templates.



Email marketing is a key part of all online businesses and even brick and mortar businesses these days. ConvertKit makes it easy to create automated email sequences that are triggered by actions people take on your online channels. Improve your engagement and increase sales.




If Adobe Photoshop makes you want to scream, try the more user-friendly Canva. Use pre-built templates and craft graphics using a huge library of design elements, fonts, and stock photos (usually around $1 per image) to create imagery for your website, newsletter, and even print publications.



Edit photos fast to use for your newsletters, blog, or social channels. Easily touch-up portraits before you post them and make cute collages for your Pinterest page.

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