Is phone storage your to priority? Here are 3 phones with the best storage

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Whenever people are looking into buying a phone, some look for certain specifications, some look for great cameras incorporated into their phone and others, look for great phone storage to save all the pictures that are taking with that awesome cellphone camera.

Now, since this post is specifically focusing on phone storage, I want to do some of the homework for you and help you in finding the best phone when it comes to this factor.

So, here are some of the smart phones that I consider to be the top choice for all those pictures and games you want to save.

The Zte Nubia X6

I do not want to just limit myself to speaking about the brands that are surely widely known. I also want to focus on phones that are actually known for their great specs even though they are not as popular.

This phone has 128 gigabytes of internal phone memory. You can guarantee that with this phone, you will not even need to consider an external memory to store all your crap as your phone’s internal memory will be just enough.

The Motorola Nexus 6

I consider Motorola to be a great brand when it comes to a phone’s internal memory. And this specific Motorola phone model does not disappoint.

It has an awesome 64 gigabytes of memory and even though it is not as much internal storage memory as the other phone I mentioned, it is still a lot of phone storage space!

Ok, maybe I will mention one popular brand: iPhone 6

If I am specifically speaking about phone storage, I will not leave anything out whether the brand I mention is popular or not!

This phone has 128 gigabytes of memory like the first phone I mentioned so, imagine all the apps and games you can download without your phone crashing and being on the verge of self-destruction.

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