Twitter Tools You Didn’t Know You Should Be Using

If you have a Twitter account you probably weren’t aware that certain tools existed specifically for making your Twitter experience a whole lot better. I’ve been using Twitter for a little over 3 years and yet I’m still a newbie at it. But with these tools I’ve managed to get the most out of my Twitter account and you will too!


  • Social Bro

    The SocialBro’s dashboard provides users with a clear summary and a holistic view of what’s going in your Twitter community with statistics, graphs and features, including:

    *Community stats.
    *Engagement stats.
    *New followers and recent unfollows.
    *Influencers and who is being influenced.

    I highly recommend using this tool. It’s received countless of positive reviews from clients all over the world!

  • TweetDeck

    I’ve loved TweetDeck for years and it continues to be my favorite place to catch tweet chats and follow Twitter lists. It’s super easy to update these with just a couple of clicks and create a great Twitter hub of activity. I love using this tool and I’m so happy I found out about it! I highly recommend it.

  • Buffer

    Buffer will help you stay organized and analyze your tweets to send out when you want them to go. I like to look at the analytics each week to see what was popular and if a certain style tweet got more retweets and favorites. If I have something that did well, I can rebuff it to go out again.

  • Topsy

    Topsy is great for following trends and monitoring your brand on Twitter. (Source:

  • Canva

    If you use images in your tweets, you will be able to receive a much higher click-through rate. You’ll have as much as 18%, 89% more favorites, and 150% more retweets. This is definitely worth it and you’ll even love it as much as I do!

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