These are the laptops you should be buying if you are thinking of heading off to college

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As a student and more specifically, a college student, you will be assigned many, many last minute essays and let’s face it, you can go to any campus cyber café and pay for a few hours to use a computer but, why do so if you can get a laptop that you can take anywhere with you and gets the job done anytime, anywhere? So as you can see, it is pretty obvious why any college student will view buying a laptop as an investment rather than a waste of money. But, in this article I want to show you which laptops will fit all your needs as a college student so that, not only are you buying something that is useful for you but also, you are buying in a smart way.

Laptops that are meant for students that major in science


I bet that you didn’t even consider choosing a laptop based on the career you chose right? Well, you should always take that into consideration because it is something that will definitely influence on your laptop choice. Dell has models like the DELL XPS 13 that adapts to you as a student. It has a very firm design; 8GB RAM and guess what? Its battery lasts for as much as fourteen hours which means you have lots of time to do that paper you waited until the last minute to write.

Another laptop option for these types of students would be a Lenovo laptop. Let me tell you from MY personal experience, those laptops are resistant as a rock and they barely need repairing. So you can just concentrate on studying long hours and guess what? Its battery life helps you just in that since it can last for almost 13 hours.

Are you a med student? I got just the laptop for you!


This laptop was basically made for medical students. I mean imagine you are doing rounds at the hospital. You can’t just walk around with a laptop in your hand. Well, guess what? There is a laptop that basically turns into a table because it has a detachable screen so that you can keep studying while walking around the hospital. There are various brands that offer this option but I think the best one is a Microsoft Surface book.

Whether you are thinking about majoring in art, science or as a healthcare professional, there is a laptop for you out there and if you are ever thinking about saving a little more, there is always the option of also getting a used laptop and believe me, the money will still be spent wisely. Like I said, just find the model that adapts to your needs as a student.

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