Instagram Features That Are Certain To Benefit Your Business

Explore Page Video Compilation

When you press the video button, it opens a new window and plays the first video suggested for you, as soon as it’s done another one will automatically start playing. You can easily swipe upwards to skip to the next video as many times as you want. This is great because a user could spend a lot of time here and eventually end up on one of your videos where they otherwise wouldn’t have been exposed to it. Additionally, clicking on any of the videos brings up two options, Share, or View Post. So you can easily send the video via DM to a friend.


Top Posts

It’s not exactly clear the algorithm used to determine what pictures make it to the Top Posts, however, based on my research I believe it has to do with how quickly your post receives engagement. This means likes and comments, and I believe that comments actually carry more weight. So, for example, if I post a photo and within 10 minutes I have 100 likes and 12 comments I am in a pretty good standing to make it to Top Posts.


“See All” Suggested Users

This feature is probably my favorite. If you are trying to grow your Instagram account it’s likely that you’ve conducted some competitor analysis at some point. By that I simply mean you’ve viewed other influencers in your niche to see what they’re up to, or to get some inspiration. Either way, this feature is going to make that process a whole lot easier.


Tap & Hold Images

This feature allows you to tap and hold any image, whether found on the explore page, your feed, or the feed of someone else. When you tap and hold the image it will enlarge, then slightly swipe up and you will be given three options: Like (or unlike), Comment, or Send as Message. If you use this feature on the explore page, ‘Comment’ will be replaced with View Profile.

This feature is great because it’s going to save you a lot time. Like a photo on the explore page but you see a bunch of other posts that also catch your eye? Use this feature to leave a like without having to lose your spot!

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