How to quit your job and start your own business.

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If your work life is really lame and you’ve been thinking about having your own business, then this article may come in very handy for you!

Leave the confort of your weekly pay and start a brand new business on your own may be one of the best and yet more scary dreams of your life.

You’ll be facing the possibility of losing all of your money and hopes!

Quitting isn’t an easy decision to make. it requires boldness, a lot of courage and confidence on you and your goals.

In order to feel confident and be really clear about your thoughts and goals, you should follow these three easy steps for you to meditate before making this important decision:

Don’t sink your own boat when you’re way too far for swimming

The people that aspire in being their own bosses usually leave their jobs too soon. People should start looking at their present jobs as boats that if they leave them too soon you won’t be able to make to the promised land and you’ll probably drown. Before quitting you, it’s recommended that you:

  • Have a good plan.
  • Have saved at least 4 months of your salary.
  • Have 100% of the money necessary for the investment of your business.

Don’t burn your bridges down, in case you’d need to use them again

In the business world, relationships are important. Leaving your job doesn’t mean you have to forget about the people you’ve met and your old bosses. You should treat with the most respect possible and avoid any kind of bad feelings between your ex-bosess and ex-coworkers.

Non prepared people won’t ever make it to the top of the mountain.

Being unemployed doesn’t automatically makes you capable of working for yourself but it’s a requirment in order to be the boss one day.

A dream without a due date it’s only a wish and won’t ever become reality.

Your business should have a start date and should never start with debts. Living on your credit cards will only lead you to failure.

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