How to Intelligently Use Pinterest for Marketing

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Many businesses have used social media to boost marketing. However, many companies seem to forget about Pinterest to boost marketing. Few people are aware of how powerful Pinterest is and the few companies who do use Pinterest have seen their company grow in a small period of time. I’ll teach you how to intelligently use Pinterest for marketing and you’ll see too how in a short matter of time your company will become a success.


1) Create Boards with Keywords in Your Title

Pinterest has incredibly amazing search using keywords in your title people will find it easier to find your business. Also, remember to choose the correct category for each board to help people find them and for Pinterest to recommend your board as well. This way your company will be easily accessed by people.

Remember the title is the number 1 way to catch people’s attention. Research on how to properly come up with a title that will enable you to use the best keywords for your company.


2) Use the Description to Spread Your Ideas

Remember to use keywords in your description. Also remember that people are able to tweet your pins. The text in the pin description is the tweet so it is best to keep it short, interesting, and relevant. This is also a great way to increase traffic in your website.


3) Create Vertical Images to Maximize Your Real Estate

To get your business noticed you must use images that are long and narrow to take up the maximum amount of visual space. You’ll be easily noticed by anyone and you’ll catch people’s attention a lot quicker. Also, try using images with high resolution. This creates an engaging invitation to repin your pinned article.


4) Build Relevant Links Back to Your Website or Blog

You have two ways with each pin to add your link: one of them is in the description and the other one is in the source for the pin.


5) Embed Pins on Your Blog


Embedding pins on your website is an effortless and great way to get more repins. You can create an embed code on Pinterest’s official website. It’s quite simple and there’s no need to do much in order to get an embedded pin.


6) Share Your Pins and Boards on Other Social Media Channels

Tweet your pin and share them on your other social networks where they are relevant. The more social media channels you have the better the results will be. If you don’t own other social media channels, I recommend creating them as they will also allow your market to grow a lot faster.


7) Have a Pinable Image on Every Post That You Publish

Many popular companies who use Pinterest or their business do this. They have noticed a huge difference once they started doing this and now all sorts of companies regardless of small, medium, or large do this.


8) Build Authority on Your Topic by Curating Boards with Great Relevant Content

Few people know about the importance of curating boards with great and relevant content. I highly recommend anyone to do this simple and effortless tip.


9) Create Collaborative Boards states: “Collaborative boards can help you reach a new group of pinners and have your pins can be seen by more people. You do need to be careful about which boards you join because all the pins will show on your Pinterest presence as well. You can only select the cover photo if you are the owner of the group board. One of my newest collaborative boards is my Pinterest Tips for Success board. All the pinners are fantastic about adding great content and sharing their Pinterest skills”.

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