How To Effortlessly Fix A Frozen iPhone/iPad

Is your iPad or iPhone frozen? There’s a simple fix. It’s called a reset. I’ve shown the reset to many people who come to me with a non-responsive for frozen iPhone or iPad and it’s always fixed the problem. Always. This even works if your iPhone freezes during an update.


Will I Lose My Data?

NO. You will not lose your data with this reset. You will not lose anything. Your phone will remain just as it is. Just think of this as a way to turn your phone off and back on again.


iPhone Buttons

Before we show you how to reset your iPhone let’s talk a little about the buttons on the outside of your phone. You’ll be using two for the reset. The first is the main, circle-shaped button, on the front face of your iPhone, called the home button. You’ll also need to locate your power button. If you have an iPhone 6 or newer your power button is on the right side of the phone toward the top. If you have an iPhone 5S or older, the power button will be on the top of the phone, toward the right side.

How to Reset your iPhone or iPad

Now that we know where the home and power buttons are we are ready to learn how to reset the iPhone. Remember, this doesn’t hurt your phone or cause any data to be lost so you can try this right now as we walk through it. It’s very easy.

Press and hold the home button (circle button on the front)
While still holding the home button down, press and hold the power button (toward the upper right side of your iPhone)

Continue holding both buttons down until the Apple logo appears on the screen (this can take 8-10 seconds)
When the Apple logo appears, release both buttons
Wait for the iPhone or iPad to turn back on and it should be working fine!
Again, I have seen this fix every iPhone or iPad that is frozen up, even when the iPhone froze during an update.

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