Google Chrome Extensions Everyone Should Use


This extension is a lifesaver. Buffer makes doing so ridiculously easy. Click a button, edit the description, and you’re done. And if you consistently use it, there’s no reason for you to ever be out of posts to share.


Evernote Web Clipper

Who doesn’t love Evernote? If you’re haven’t discovered the awesomeness that is Evernote, what are you waiting for? The Evernote Web Clipper makes saving code snippets, articles, and anything else you can imagine a breeze. I love using it to save little bits of advice I come across in any of the many Facebook groups I’m a member of.



As a business owner, you strive to come across as a professional, right? And do you know what doesn’t look professional? Typos and grammar mistakes. Grammarly is a neat extension that checks your work so you can look like the professional that you are.


Pin It Button

I’m a huge fan of Pinterest so I’m constantly trying to share interesting things I come across. Unfortunately, every site doesn’t have Pinterest sharing built in, which is why the Pin It Button extension comes in handy. It allows me to quickly and easily share things on Pinterest. Definitely a must-have if you’re a Pinterest addict.


Save To Pocket

Every day I’m swarmed with interesting content that I want to read, but don’t have time to. Luckily Pocket allows me to gather the best of the web in one, easy to read place. By using the Save to Pocket extension, I can quickly save articles I come across for later. It’s perfect for when I have free time and I don’t want to waste time looking for something interesting to read. Instead, I’ve got a perfect library of articles tailored specifically for me.



The designer in me is constantly on the lookout for new and interesting fonts. As such, the WhatFont extension has been incredibly helpful. It allows me to instantly find out what font is being used on any website. Perfect for when I need to know what a certain font is.

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