Here is everything you need to know about circular blades if you are thinking about buying one!

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Like anything in the tool world, there are many options when it comes to circular blades. We all know that circular blades are a must have for any professional construction worker or an amateur DIY builder. Now, before you decide to buy any circular blade you need to evaluate your options when it comes to prices and your necessities as a builder since many building projects require different types of tools. Here are all the options when it comes to circular blades.

The obvious one, a standard circular blade


These are a must have around your tool set if your work involves mostly cutting woods. If you are looking for circular blades that are very fast when it comes to its speed, then you need to consider the quantity of teeth your blade has, these will also determine how the cut of the wood will turn out to be. There are options when it comes to the teeth of these standard blades like those with blades meant for rip cuts, blades for crosscuts and blades that are combined. These will obviously have an impact on the ending result of the cut of the wood.

An abrasive circular blade


I bet you thought circular blades were only and exclusively meant for cutting straight across wood right? These blades are meant to also cut hard material like bricks. So you can also guarantee having a straight and clean cut with these type of hard materials.

Blades with continuous rims

These are blades with diamond edges. These are meant to be using for cutting materials like tiles. Since these blades have diamonds on its edges you can definitely see how the cut done by these blades will turn out to be very clean and straight.

There are many other blades available like Segmented and turbo rim blades. But whichever blade you choose at the end of the day for the task you need to get done, will entirely depend on you and your needs. Also, if your building task needs for you to spend lots of money not only on blades but also other tools, then you can always resort to tool rental.

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