How to Effortlessly Write the Best “About Me”

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1. Consider your audience says the following: “To start with, consider the purpose of your account. Who are you speaking to? Why do you have the site or account in the first place? If your account exists for strictly professional purposes, then you may want to keep it conservative. If your account is personal, or if you work in a more relaxed industry, feel free to have some fun and give your About Me bio a fun feel. Think about the audience you’re speaking to and the intention of your site or account before you do anything”.


2. Keep it real

Make sure your About Me bio expresses who you are as a person and a professional in an authentic way, both in terms of content and in terms of your writing style. Always be honest about anything you put in your about me bio. Telling people lies about yourself will only create a huge negative impact.


3. Tell your story

To tell the story of a person, place, or brand is an extremely valuable skill to have these days. Not everyone knows how to do it. It actually took me a while to learn. Getting a bit personal in your bio will help potential followers, clients, employers, and readers relate to you. This way you will gain a lot more followers.


4. Keep it concise

As much as your readers, followers, and prospective clients want to know about you. You’re having a hard time writing an About Me bio that’s concise, then try asking a friend or someone you know and respect in your industry to give your draft a read and suggest edits. This truly helped me a lot when I was writing my “About me” on my other social sites. My friends gave me all the detailed information I needed to know to get the best out of my “About me”.


5. Don’t overthink it

This is ultimately the most important step in writing your “About Me”. Remember that writing a bio for your blog, social media account, or portfolio site isn’t the end of the world. When you relax, the words will come to you easier.

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