Efficient and Creative Ways to Advertise Your Business

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1) Get Clear on Your Purpose

It is important to ask yourself the following first: Why does my organization exist? What is the purpose of my company? If you’re able answer such questions clearly in a matter of seconds then you are already two steps ahead. This means that you’re on the proper direction. If you have difficulty at understanding the purpose of your company then you must stop for a moment and think a little bit harder. People won’t acquire your products or services without them knowing first the true purpose of your company.

This is a common mistake many businessmen make when they start they own business. This is why it is advised to ask the questions mentioned above before beginning the advertising process.


2) Create a Website

“Being easily locatable via internet is a perfect way to promote your business. There are multiple tools that will ensure you’ll have the best website. Most of these tools are even free to use. Most web hosting companies like Host Gator and Blue Host provide dozens of free website templates. If you’re a little more tech savvy I suggest using WordPress.org. In my opinion, it’s the most powerful blogging platform and provides the most flexibility” (source: inventorspot.com).


3) Content Marketing

Use content marketing on your website in order to gain trust from your community. If you aren’t familiar with content marketing then I shall gladly explain. Content marketing is a marketing technique in which you create and distribute relevant and valuable content. This is used in order to attract a desired audience for your business. Professional recommend learning as much as you can about content marketing as it will create a large impact on your company.


4) Delight Your Online Community

Always provide valuable and outstanding content to your community. Provide the best information they need from the best sources of information and your community will grow at an incredibly fast speed.


5) Location Based Services

Place your business to location based services and apps. Such apps include: Google Places, Yahoo Local, Foursquare and Facebook check-in. Just search “improve local SEO results” on Google Search to get started. With location based services you are allowed to obtain a lot more traffic in your website.


6) Leverage Local Community Events

Sponsor a local charity event, golf tournament, county fair, festival, or any event in your area that will be well publicized. With this method you’ll be rapidly recognized by larger crowds of people.


7) Post Fliers on Bulletin Boards

Taking advantage of bulletin boards is an inexpensive way to advertise your company. Bulletin boards can be found in various places such as: local grocery store, libraries, community centers, college campuses and coffee shops. Also, use digital bulletin boards such as Craigslist or Backpage.


8) Write Press Releases

Once written, send them to local newspapers or radio stations. This will increase the chances of obtaining a great interview opportunity. However, be careful when writing a press release as it’s very common to make mistakes in them.


9) Collaborate And Cross-Promote

Cross-promote one another by using tools such as: coupons, bundled promotions, fliers, website links, social media and whichever tool you can find. This method is much more rewarding than you think as you’ll be able to increase your clients by reaching someone else’s clients. It’s quite simple and easy to do. It’s also very inexpensive.


10) Build Meaningful and Powerful Relationships

By handing out business cards to people isn’t always enough to get yourself known. Start off by meeting people and learning about them. Do not talk to them solely about your company, talk to them on a much more personal side. Be truly interested in who they are. Show them that you care about them. Ask them about what their dreams and hopes are. Maybe you can even help them achieve their goals and some of them can even help you too with your personal goals and your company’s goals.


11) Give A Speech

If you avoid giving speeches to larger crowds and having them know more about you and your company, then this will impact you negatively. There is no need to be a professional in order to give speeches. A lot of people experience difficulty when giving speeches. However, even the most influential speakers had difficulties at the beginning. With plenty of practice you’ll be able to give speeches with ease.

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