Do you want a fashion watch, think about the environment too!

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It is not only an accessory!

Are you looking for an accessory that gives your clothing ensemble such a very special touch? Are you concern about damage man may be doing to the environment? Who would have thought of these two questions in the same context? There are some people with a good position in the world of fashion who also have an admirable go-green feelings and they have combine both things into their product/accessory, coming up with the creation of: wooden watches. this very innovative way to produce watches has become very attractive and admirable everywhere in the world.


The settings on its production

Wood Mafia has brought to all the watch wearer and users the very innovative idea of a watch made of wood, with high quality materials and produce upon very significant production revisions. The watches produce by Wood Mafia are definitely works of art, that make the users feel they have unique pieces that would boost the looks of any garment, no matter the context. A wooden watch would be immediately an “eye-catcher” because of its singularity and innovative characteristics, with that not being even its biggest attraction.


There are some remarkable features to the watch

One of the most interesting characteristics of the products of Wood Mafia, wooden watches, is that they have also thought about the environment. The mother nature is proportionally growing as the wooden watches are being sold around the world. The commitment of WM is to mage mother nature a lot more solid by planting trees upon the purchases of their watches, which along with the high quality materials they work with and the high standards of production, makes this watch option a very strong one among their competitors, that is just so nice, isn’t it?

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