Best & Worst Online Fax Services 2016

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Even though technology has marched on into the email and cloud-based universe, faxes still have its uses. In many businesses scenarios, sending a fax remains the best, most common way to get a document from point to point. Enter virtual, or electronic, faxing. Such services have been around for a while, but there has never been such a plethora of options, at various levels of sophistication and cost.


Buying Tips

There are very important tips when it comes to buying the fax that’s just perfect for you. When considering a service, you should think about your needs. Do you need only one number, or multiple numbers that are linked? Do you need work group support, so others can access the inbound and outbound faxes for that line?
Other buying considerations include whether you need a custom number, the amount of control you want over your cover page, and how faxes are sent and received. Also think about whether you need to schedule faxes for delivery at a later time.

Finally, check with the Better Business Bureau to see if there have been any complaints, especially if you’re signing up for the trial service: Some companies have become notorious for not canceling a trial when requested.

It’s worth noting that J2 Global owns several electronic fax brands, including eFax, MetroFax, MyFax and RapidFax, to name a few.


How I Evaluated

We took all of the above into consideration when we tested online fax services. We also paid careful attention to each service’s interface, ease-of-use and overall features. We sent and received faxes, and observed how long it appeared to take for an outbound fax to send. This was difficult to gauge, since most services simply take a moment to process, then will later deliver a confirmation that the fax was sent.


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