These are the best subscription boxes for people who are just obsessed with them!

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If you think about it, there is nothing boring about subscription boxes. I mean, you receive goodies on a monthly basis without having to move from the comfort of your home! What is not to like about that? I know right? Some subscription boxes are just plain regular but others really do go all out when it comes to establishing a loyal clientele. Here are the best subscription boxes so far.

Club W subscription boxes


If you just happen to be a wine lover and expert, this box was definitely meant to be enjoyed by you. This box is very personalized according to my standards because in order for it to be awesome for you, you must create a profile which shows your likeness when it comes to wine and based on that, you will receive 3 bottles of wine on a monthly basis. Do I even need to say anything else? I don’t think so!

Are you into fitness and beauty? Then the FabFitFun box is meant for you!


If you are into fitness and beauty, you will for sure have lots of fun subscribing to this box. This box has many goodies relating to fitness and beauty and not only that! But these products are based on what season it is. For example, if it is currently winter time, you will receive beauty and fitness products meant for the winter. How cute is that?

There are even cute little boxes meant for the pets of your house

Why should you be the only one having fun with all the goodies that come in subscription boxes? Thanks to these subscription boxes, your dogs get to be part of the fun as well. Barkbox comes with lots of goodies to be enjoyed by your dogs such as toys and treats and the cutest part of this is that based on your dog’s size the goodies will be different for each dog.

Are you obsessed with chocolates? There are subscription boxes for that!

What could be more awesome than getting lots of chocolate treats on a monthly basis? And also guess what? Depending on how addicted you are to chocolate there are different options when it comes to these subscription boxes.

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