8 amazing facts you should know about the internet world

In our daily lives we may be constantly if not most of the time on our favorite social network like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or even surfing your favorite website.

Whatever you do while using your internet is a matter of choice, but it has not occurred to anyone or maybe a few people about facts related to the internet, some of them are quite shocking and others are quite amazing.

In the following article I will give you the complete scoop about eight facts of the internet.

1. 30.000 websites are hacked everyday.

Most of the websites that got hacked are actually thanks to those owned by small businesses which accidentally spread malicious codes for the cyber criminals.

The reason why a lot of websites are hacked every day is due to the fact that these websites have some type of vulnerability where hackers can easily distribute malicious codes to anyone who gets into the website.

2. The majority of internet traffic isn’t generated by humans.

In fact, it is actually generated by bots (google, malware).

For those who don’t know what internet traffic refers to how the data flows through the internet.

3. Philippine has the slowest internet in the entire southeast region.

Currently Philippine has the slowest internet in the southeast region with only 3.54 as an average internet speed, meanwhile worldwide the slowest internet goes to Libya with only 256 kbps while the fastest in the world is Korea with an average internet speed of 14.2 mbps.

4. 6% of world’s population has internet addiction.

That means that about 420 million people around the world are addicted to the internet, this can be caused due to excessive use of social networks, online games, or just constantly visiting websites of interest.

5. Over 5.8 million devices are connected to the internet.

The devices included are from Apple products such as iPod, iPad, iPhone, etc. also cameras, computers amongst many other devices.

6. About 19% of married couples met online.

Sometimes people don’t have much luck when it comes to dating which is why a lot of people have opted for dating online where in any dating site of your preference you can set-up your profile where basic personal information is displayed so other people can read about it and directly contact you if they are interested.

Despite people actually being able to get the most out of dating online it is however quite dangerous because there isn’t an actual way to know if the person who contacted you or that you contacted has good intentions or not.

7. Billions of emails are sent each day.

Approximately 247 billion are sent every single day surprisingly a lot of it (about more than 80%) are spam.

8. There are “key holders” for the internet.

There are about 7 people that share an important role in case some sort of a disaster on the internet occurs in which they have the power to reboot the internet in order to bring it back to its stable state.

There are many more and even shocking facts about the internet and I would love to keep talking about more and more facts but unfortunately the list of facts becomes larger and larger making it nearly impossible to cover everything about it.

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