7 Practical And Easy Ways To Speed-up Your PC

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At times, no matter how new the PC may be it can be really slow. Most of the times it’s not the computer itself but the way that we use the computer. Things that we may consider silly can create a huge impact on the PCs performance. Also, since people never think that it’s because of themselves why their computer is slow they return the PC or spend a lot of money on “repairing” their PC.

If you run a big or small business a PC will make work a lot more efficient. However if it’s also slow it will make everything a lot less efficient. Following these tips will improve the PCs speed.


1) Uninstall Unnecessary Programs or Applications

When installing some programs they can severely affect not only the speed of your computer’s memory. This issue is the most common amongst people who struggle with their computer’s speed. To solve this issue, you must go to Control Panel, and then Programs and Features. Now you must delete or uninstall any program that you don’t use or find unnecessary. If you’re not sure which programs you don’t need, a computer tech will help you at a low cost.


2) Update Often

A common mistake people make is ignoring any update. Programs need to be updated in order to perform properly. After installing any update always make sure to restart your computer. Once the computer is turned on the speed will improve.


3) Install more RAM

At times, the lack of RAM will slow the computers performance. By increasing RAM capacity it will increase speed and processing speed. It’s recommended to also increase the hard drive capacity. If you notice your computer being slow whenever multiple programs are opened at once it means the RAM capacity is running low. To resolve such issue, you must determine how much ram the system can handle and what type would go best with your PC.


4) Install Antivirus Software

A well secured and powerful antivirus guarantees a better performance on your computer. When you enter multiple websites, the possibility of getting any malware or virus is high. If your computer is affected by a malware or virus you must immediately eliminate it. If malware isn’t eliminated as soon as possible, any information or files will be corrupted as well as your personal information. However, if you have not only one antivirus but two or more it will diminish the computers speed.


5) Upgrade your Operating System

This applies mostly to XP users. Updating your OS will enable you to have a better security and keeps any application updated. This will guarantee only positive effects on your computer.


6) Increase Hard Drive Storage

Another option is to increase hard drive storage for higher speed. In Laurens E. book called “Business Computer Tech Support”, explains how “about 5-10% free space is adequate for performance, but the numbers vary from computer to computer”.

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