6 places where you can sell things very fast when you really need money.

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Either because you’re moving, you need money or just because you want to get things out of your house, you can earn a very decent amount of money if you sell all that excess of things you have.

1. Pawn shops

If you are in a hurry and need money immediately, there may not be a better option than pawnshops.

Although you probably do not have a super valuable gem, you can sell almost everything you do not want to have any kind of value like jewelry, electronics, even collectibles like coins.

2. Craigslist

Craigslist has a lot of search engines. And, uploading your articles is free. Upload a clear image of your articles.

Put a deadline, this will make potential buyers feel more motivated to negotiate. Describe what you are selling clearly in the title. Investigate the prices at which your items are normally sold. Group your objects.

For example, if you have used toys, sell them in a single batch.

3. Amazon’s Fulfillment

This service is created for sellers with a large inventory, but if you have some new items, the Amazon Fulfillment Program is another way to make money with the things you have lying around.

This works like this: you pack your things in a box, list them and send them to Amazon.

Amazon will pick up the box and keep it until it is sold. When this happens, Amazon will handle the shipment.

4. Social networks

If you are worried about security (something that could discourage you with Craigslist) or the packaging of your products (like you would with Amazon), you can simply sell your things to the people you know, or half know.

Upload your stuff to Facebook for free and, hopefully, you will receive an answer in a few hours. And you can also sell your stuff on Instagram.

Just upload a photo with a short description, you can even charge for PayPal so you can sell to an even wider audience.

5. Local markets

Local colleges and flea markets If you live near a university you can put flyers in their facilities.

The ideal is to do it before the semester begins because it is when the students are looking for things for their houses.

6. Repurchase programs

If you want to sell gadgets that you no longer want like cell phones or tablets, you can enter buyback programs like eBay Instant Sale.

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