4 Ways to Use Facebook and Twitter Analytics to Improve Your Marketing

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Are you overwhelmed by the amount of analytic data found on social media platforms? Want to know which metrics to follow?

Knowing what to measure and how to apply the data makes it easier to modify your marketing for better reach, engagement, and visibility. In this article, you’ll discover four ways social media insights can improve your marketing on Facebook and Twitter.


Before We Start: Measure What Matters

Focus on the analytics that are important to your strategy and goals, then review other data for trouble signs or trends that can impact your efforts. For example, if growing your engagement is a target goal in your strategy, then you need to zero in on per-post engagement levels to see what works and what doesn’t.


Adjust Your Content Mix

Twitter and Facebook both offer data on how well individual posts perform with your audience, including their reach and engagement.

On Facebook, go to Insights > Posts > Post Types to review the engagement by the type of content you posted. On Twitter, you can see a snapshot of each post you’ve made by going to Settings > Analytics > Tweets.

Pay close attention to this data, because it paints a clear picture about the type of content your audience is most interested in. You can review this data to see how your audience responds to the use of links, images, and video. For example, link shares might not do well overall by the numbers. Looking closer, you could discover that your audience may be less inclined to engage with curated links, but their heads turn when you post links to your own blog.


Fine-tune Your Posting Schedule

The majority of your audience may be up during the day, but that doesn’t mean they’re checking their social accounts at the same time. When they check, and on which days, can vary greatly from one audience to another. Your social metrics can tell you exactly when your audience is most likely to engage with your content.

On Facebook, go to Insights > Posts > When Your Fans Are Online. For Twitter, you can use a tool such a Tweriod to find out when the bulk of your followers are online.

Check your insights and analytics for peak engagement times. Experiment with different times and days to see when your audience is most likely to respond. Zeroing in on when they’re most active will greatly improve your reach and engagement.


Inform Your Messaging

On Facebook, open the Ads Manager and go to Audience Insights. On Twitter, you can check your audience data by going to Settings > Twitter Ads > Analytics > Audience Insights.

Rather than planning content and building a strategy around a buyer persona built on estimations, you can refine your content strategy to appeal to your target audience based on real audience data.


Boost Your Engagement

Most marketers want to maximize the number of likes, shares, retweets, and responses from social posts. Unfortunately, not everything you share is going to be a winner with your audience every time. You will always have topics and content that perform better than others.

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