3 Ways to Make your Blog Share-worthy

Write Killer Content

Your voice matters regardless of what others say, especially if you’re writing in your own unique voice. Killer content should be interesting and allow your readers to connect in a way that’s beneficial to them. So, if you’re new, the best thing you can do is to just start practicing because practice can move you a long way.

It should be content that gives people hope, tells a story, triggers emotions, gives clarity, and challenges the way most think. You have the power to create opportunity for yourself.

Another way of writing killer content is by doing research. You can always go to Twitter or Google trends to see what is currently trending in your industry.


Having a Community

Yes, I believe is an important one because your community is the one who gives you an extra hand and allows you to make a difference in their lives. It allows you to connect with them in a personal level and make genuine connections that can ultimately open new doors for you.

You can reach out to them by following them on Instagram and liking their photos. You can comment on their posts and let them know genuinely how much it resonated with you and how big of an impact it made for you. They’ll remember you for connecting with them and most likely they will return the favor by commenting back.


Create a Strategy

Share bits and pieces of your blog on Instagram. What I love about Instagram is that it’s a micro blog for most females. Especially now, with the rise of the influencers. This is a great place to share your knowledge and find ways to collaborate with other potential bloggers and help you shift to the next level.

You can also use Facebook and this may be one of the most important platforms of them all. Despite all the algorithms this is where you want to get your readers excited about the work you’re about to launch, you can ask them questions, etc. Engage with them and look at your analytics to see how you’re performing.

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