3 Skills Needed For Succeeding As a Girl Boss

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Let’s just admit it right here, we all get comparison-itis. Yes, it’s a condition where we look at other successful women in our industry and we compare, and we wonder why them, why not me? How did they become so successful? Why can’t I have that level of success? What’s their secret?



This one is the key to unlocking all the rest. Female entrepreneurs that are successful aren’t afraid to put themselves out there and promote their business every. single. day.

Lack of confidence is something I think we all struggle with at one point or another in our lives, and if left unchecked it can absolutely hurt your success as a female entrepreneur. To put it simply, if you lack confidence in yourself it will reflect back as a lack of confidence in your business.



There are times in my business when I am so motivated that I don’t want to stop working. I can’t sleep, and I just work like a mad-women. The passion I have for what I do creates the madness, but then some days I just don’t feel motivated to do anything at all.

Being your own boss is great. There’s no one we have to answer to. BUT this also means there is no one there to hold us accountable. This is where it pays to have a plan. So how can you get more disciplined? Set some attainable sort term goals.

List your goals for the next 90 days. Choose one main goal to focus on. For example, my goal was to get more subscribers on my list. Everything I focused on was list building. I created my free Pinterest course to give value while building my list. I created blog posts and was active on social media.


Get Visible

The only difference between you and the other people in your industry who are crushing it… They’re all in. They put themselves out there, every single day. They pushed through their doubts and fears, and just went for it anyways.

This is where your self-discipline and confidence needs to come into play. You have to show up and be consistent every. single. day. And you have to have a plan.

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