3 most common warehouse accidents

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Accidents are not planned obviously. But, some habits and things we do might make our chances of being involved in an accident a bit higher.

If you happen to own a warehouse, you know there are lots of things that can place you at risk of a potential accidents. Obviously, this would not be the case for a label rewinder.

But, this is exactly what I want to talk about in this post. And who knows, by knowing where the issue is (which is knowing what the most common accidents are), then you will probably establish procedures that will diminish risks to its maximum expression and guarantee you are avoiding accidents in your warehouse at all times. So, here you go!

1.Accidents that involve the most used machinery at a warehouse: Forklifts

I think it was pretty obvious that I was going to include this in the list right?

If your employees do not know how to work a forklift, their risks of accidents are definitely higher.

A way to avoid accidents with this machinery is by hiring trained personnel. This way, you can leave your warehouse knowing your employees’ life is not being placed at risk at any time during the day.

2.Racks collapse

Some warehouses have huge amounts of items in them and if your employees overdo it stacking products on racks, they are prone to collapsing.

Just like the accident I previously mentioned, this can also result in the death of an employee depending on the extent of the damage caused by this accident.

A way to avoid this is by performing safety inspections to make sure all your warehouse’s racks are not putting your employees at any risk.

3.Sore muscles and general pain

You might think this is not an accident but I consider it an accident as it is something that can surely be avoided.

Why? There is something called ergonomics. By applying certain ergonomic moves, you can surely avoid ending your working day in pain.

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