2 Hints to recognize “The Real Economy”

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Five hundred years ago, the economy was very fragmented. Almost every country in Europe had its own peculiarity and trade was generally local.

Foreign trade depended on the acceptance of a product or the ability of the trader to sell the possibility to acquire new customs.

For example, the introduction of tea and other spices from India to Europe it is a milestone in the foreword of global markets.

Later came the so-called “Discovery of America” which represented, literally a completely new world of possibilities to foreign commerce.

This established the grounds, among other things, for today´s global economy.

1 What is “The Real Economy”?

It be can be described as the true causes of economic phenomenon´s happening right now.

In today´s global economy, we tend to believe that markets and indexes are behind the difficulties of the economy. Nothing far from the truth.

It doesn´t really matter if your product has good quality or a competitive price; it is all about who is benefiting from it.

Take, for example, the defense contractors’ lobbyist´s pushing for war every year with only one thing in mind, making money.

Today, selling guns or defense industry related products´ has become the most profitable industry on the planet. These explain this constant need for war and invasion around the world.

This leads us to the next tip.

2 Where to make a war?

In the 20th century, “The expansion of communism” was the perfect excuse that dominant government of the world could find to start wars.

Korea, Vietnam, and the Iran-Contras issues in the 1980´s is proof of it.

Behind all of these conflicts the only party that came out winning was the defense industry compound.

However, with the collapse of communism and the downfall of the Berlin Wall, a new enemy was in order.

For twelve years, the world was at a relative peace and the defense industry compound started to get restless so they came up with an idea, terrorism.

The excuse to invade Iraq was the alleged possession of Saddam Hussein of Weapons of Mass Destruction or WMDs. Today, almost twenty years later nobody has found such weapons.

Nevertheless but the invasion took place and among the list of contractors who benefited from that war, it is Halliburton, whose former CEO was the Vice President of the United States during the gulf war.

The examples go on and on, you just have to take a closer look at what big stream media is telling you.

Finally, it is awkward that some governments are still trying to sell the idea that a solution to repair a democracy or to intervene an economy it is through the complete annihilation of its people.

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